STOP! MICRO WASTE is a non-profit organization initiated by LANGBRETT, a group of surfers and nature lovers. STOP! Micro Waste is dedicated to reduce the plastic pollution of our rivers and oceans. We aim to avoid, replace and reuse plastics in everyday life and beyond.

We raise awareness!

The STOP! Plastic Academy spreads knowledge about the (micro)plastic issue and implements local solutions to prevent plastic from entering into nature. With the Ocean College, we operate a research sailboat to train young adults to become certified STOP! Plastic Academy coaches. 

We realize solutions!

It’s fundamental to raise awareness about microplastic pollution, but at the same time, we need tangible solutions. Besides the Guppyfriend washing bag, we work on an eclectic array of solutions to keep microplastics out of our waters.

We do research!

With our scientific partners, Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT and the German Textile Research Institute (DTNW), we conduct countless washing tests. With the data we improve solutions, establish the Fiber Loss Quantification Standard - a standardized washing test – and inform customers and industry to better address the microfiber challenge.