From idea to reality: redirecting plastic debris in a river to the side where it will be caught in a collecting vessel by using a specially designed air bubble curtain. Today, air bubble curtains are mainly used for the aeration of water bodies or to keep certain areas free from ice. When ascending, the air bubbles are creating a vertical flow, which brings up warmer water from the bottom and thus preventing the water surface to freeze.

The effect that ascending air bubbles are causing a steady upwards flow is the foundation for the Air Bubble Curtain concept. The vertical flow is aimed to present a barrier for plastic debris in the river resulting in a redirection of debris into the collecting vessel.

Philip Ehrhorn from S!MW and his dutch fellows will bring the idea to life. Several hypotheses have to be tested and checked in order to bring it from concept to a pragmatic tool. The goal: Filter out plastic before it ends as micro plastic in the ocean.